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  • Create Vacancy 
  • Manage and Process Vacancy
  • Create Job Advertising Detail
  • Set Hiring Teams
  • Create and manage Interviews and Interview Results
  • Add Candidates and Schedule Interviews
  • Create and Clone Question Template


  • Create Employee and View History
  • Manage Employee Profile
  • Promote and Demote employees 
  • Reinstate and Terminate employees
  • Manage Employee Leave and Allowance Benefit
  • Set Salary Increment and Deduction
  • Assign Projects and contract
  • Manage Employee Award and Annual Leave
  • generate Applicant Tracking Report
  • Generate Human Resource Report
  • Generate Attendance/Timesheet Report
  • Generate Payroll Report


  • Provide performance reviews
  • Manage Appraisals
  • Schedule Appraisals
  • Assign and manage evaluated Employees
  • Set Goals
  • Assign and manage Goals
  • Set check-in / check-out information
  • Track employee attendance
  • Request attendance approval
  • Approve/ Reject attendance request
  • Adjust Attendance
  • Shift change Request
  • Shift change approval
  • Request overtime
  • Approve/ Reject overtime request


  • Leave request
  • Approve / Reject leave request
  • Display attendance summary per period
  • Display detail attendance summary per employee
  • Display the given leaves and overtimes
  • Generate payroll for the given period
  • Calculate employee benefit
  • Adjust tax value per salary
  • Calculate pension
  • Manage employee leave entitlement
  • Manage employee allowance entitlement
  • Manage employee addition & deduction
  • Manage personal information on self-service
  • Manage work and educational information
  • View entitled benefits
  • Manage document


  • Evaluate colleagues performance
  • View performance evaluation result
  • View goal evaluation result
  • System check-in/ check-out
  • View leave balance
  • View leave request status
  • View overtime request status
  • Set interview type 
  • Manage applicant stage
  • Set hiring team role
  • Create advertising sites
  • Manage department and organization hierarchy
  • Manage job position & pay grade
  • Set title, marital status & dependant type
  • Set allowance and leave entitlement type
  • Set asset and discipline variables
  • Set medical and educational settings


  • Create different time table & work shift
  • Integrate work shift with a time-table
  • Manage overtime category & rule
  • Set attendance & payroll period
  • Set payroll income tax
  • Set pension
  • Set leave benefit and allowance category
  • Manage period type and duration
  • Manage a probationary period
  • Set equipment category & condition

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